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The Summer Healthy Food Share runs for 22 weeks, beginning June 15th through to
the middle of November.


The changing seasons always bring an element of excitement, with the knowledge that we need to prepare our wardrobe, habitat and our pantry to suit our needs.  Whether you're a Foodie, Organic freak, Vegan or just enjoy fresh produce, now is the time to start planning your meals, with collecting recipes and food sourcing. Starting to look into various CSA's, can become a project in itself, but we were fortunate to meet one of the founders James Strickler of Stewardship Farms who's food program philosophy and ethos goes beyond organic.

'Stewardship Farms is an entrepreneurial farming, planning and development company in the Hudson Valley. We champion the wide-scale resurrection of a socially just, environmentally restorative and profitable agrarian economy across rural New York. It is our belief that access to fresh healthy food, meaningful work, eco-friendly homes and caring communities are inalienable rights for our 21st century citizenry'.

'Our company takes prime farmland out of GMO low-value commodity production and restores it to natural health. Then we help our farmers grow, harvest and deliver profitable, certified organic farm products direct to customers at their workplaces and other convenient locations. Stewardship Farms grows and profits by providing central services for many such small farming operations, assisting them in start-up, operation and direct-to-consumer delivery of their products'.

Stewardship Farms is reinventing the Farm To Table culture, apart from the CSA, they are taking the message on the road with their oh so adorable Mobile Farm Bus. This eye catching bus, which emanates the colors of health and vitality, is amped and ready to visit your neighborhood. The Mobile Farm Bus, a very new edition to the Stewardship Farms family is a concept that was thought up by its founders to use as promotion, and a CSA food delivery system, not just to nearby neighborhoods but to places that are food deprived.

SSF are happy to create a new market stop in your neighborhood- whether it is at your workplace, school, congregation, or elsewhere. Gather 20 or more interested members and they will deliver pre-packed shares in their reusable farm tote.

Otherwise order your Fall CSA from the packages available on SSF and pick them up from either one of these locations in New York. 

Full share $28/wk, Partial share $20/wk. 

Pick up locations. 

Wednesday 11am-2pm,  Starrett-Lehigh Bldg. 601 W26th St. This location is not only CSA pickup, but a Farm Market in the front lobby!. Selling produce, cheese, jams, canned goods, baked goods, honey and more.

Friday 4-7pm,  Ör Gallery & Tavern South. 3rd St.

Thursday 4-6pm,  Temple Israel, Spring St. & Rt 23