If you’re on the path to becoming a healthier specimen, whether its a trimmer you in the mirror, or starting a cleanse, one aspect of the cleanse is cutting down on coffee. An alternative to the wind up, anxiety producing coffee bean, and don’t get me wrong I lurve the taste of coffee and the buzz, a soy cap is a favorite of mine.

But after awhile my body starts to get aches and pains from the acidity and my skin becomes sallow and dry, due to its diuretic effect. So I gave up coffee for green tea and Yerba Mata. There are many benefits to drinking Brazilian Mate, from natural antioxidants to healthy minerals like potassium and iron. It contains less caffeine than coffee, its a known appetite suppressant and is high in electrolytes. Its also one of South America’s most sustainable trees, shading and protecting the local Toucan.

I brew it in a tea pot, drink as is, or add sweetener and nut mylk for a great cuppa. But plain is great also. Check out the link below for more information on the benefits of Brazilian Tea.