Join Kobo, Lotta Jansdotter and Kikkerland
to celebrate their sustainable design collaboration.

Kikkerland, KOBO, and Lotta Jansdotter are committed to re-usability and conservation. For their recent collaboration, they wanted to create a product that could be re-purposed for a longer life. The result is a hand poured soy candle in a porcelain tea cup, with packaging that converts into postcards.

The candle vessel is an elegant and simple porcelain tea cup, that is dishwasher and food safe so that it can be used in a variety of ways after the pure soy candle burns out. The candle box is made from local recycled paper printed on both sides, and has perforations to be broken down into a set of postcards. The collection also has a series of decorative matches in large fireplace style to accent any home decor. The candles are available in eight fragrances and will be $40 in store or $45 online at

Thursday, November 6, 7pm-9pm

Kikkerland Shop 493 6th Ave. New York, NY 10011