Is our fascination with
making us dumber?

This question has been bantered around for quite a few years and now the fashion industry- that has unfortunately been judged with having a low IQ, is taking part in experiments that seem to be tearing us even further away from our natural human, and animal instincts.

Recently, I read about the Caress Of The Gaze garment that was designed by a University of Southern California PhD candidate, who also holds two master's degrees in architecture, “she added her own twist to the post-human narrative” by designing a garment that perceives and reacts to the human gaze. It detects and responds through waves of undulating scaly movements to the gaze of another. Even that phrase ‘post-human’ makes a mockery of our capacity to evolve our intelligence. None-the-less, as a sci-fi buff, I think its pretty cool. But I can’t help thinking of the pitfalls.

As it takes an intelligent mind to create such a technological work of art, why would a tech engineer/designer want to create a brain-dumbing outfit? The answer is simple: fun, profit, and fame- probably in that order. I don’t want to take the genius out of the project and the inventor, that's a given and should be applauded, but I can’t help but feel that another edition to the mating game of Apps and more Apps is just another way to spend money frivolously, instead of getting back to the roots of humanity and perhaps reconnecting to the earth. The more we connect to our tech devices the less we listen to the wind, absorb the sun, and watch the movements of our animal kingdom to find our own animal instincts, that help us perceive when someone is watching us.

And I will leave you with one more question to ponder over: These kinds of devices- and this is my own conspiracy, sci-fi geek-self speaking- are also amazing discoveries for war games. The cost of these types of outfits may be more than dollars and cents.