A Green Beauty is an environmentally conscious web & print publication that focuses on promoting ethical and sustainable culture, holistic health, and non-toxic fashion & beauty. We hire writers, researchers, and specialists in their fields to seek out conscious companies that make serious efforts to integrate sustainable practices into their business philosophies. More than a holistic wellness magazine, AGB stands apart with high-end content: dynamic eco-fashion, innovative graphic design, landscape photography, and engaging interviews with healers, socially conscious celebrities and experts all in one place. 


A Green Beauty’s mission is to put the power back in the hands of the people. Featuring groups, individuals, and business owners that make a contribution to the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants.

We believe that healing the planet can be creative, exciting, and thought-provoking. AGB acts as a collective, drawing on a talent pool of scientist, textile designers, photographers, wellness practitioners, chefs, architects and artists that bring us exciting new information on ways to live consciously and purposefully.



MARA SCHIAVETTI draws on her experiences as a Holistic Health Coach, a Fashion and Beauty Expert and her own personal battles with health issues, to create a well researched, socially conscious magazine and guide.
AGB magazine is a labor of love and a passion project for Mara Schiavetti.

Her lifelong interest in the environment, holistic health and human rights began in 1970’s Australia. Mara’s formative teenage years were set in a vibrant and funkadelic era, alive with exciting fashion and dirty politics.
As a first generation daughter of an immigrant Italian family Mara became aware of social injustices at a young age. It was within that charged environment that formed Mara’s ethical and spiritual philosophies.

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Interview by Nerida Lennon


With our fashion editorials, we adhere to the specifications of the acronym created by AGB. Each designer has a conscious mission, and we delegate a letter to its strengths and commitment.



For submissions, advertisers and sponsors:
We work exclusively with sustainable and ethical companies.

We do not accept stories and ads that do not comply with our guidelines. All submissions must have an ethical and environmental narrative at its core.



Presently we are supporting five non-profits. We know that these organizations work tirelessly to protect the innocent and basic rights of all planetary beings: such as endangered wildlife WILDAID, marine life OCEANA, the environment NRDC, human rights ACLU women's rights PLANNED PARENTHOOD & RESCUE. We honor their work by donating 5% on any online purchases.

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Between 2014 and 2016 we published bi-annual print
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