Italian sculptor and painter Maurizio Sergiustiis is turning discarded objects and common trash into adorable wall pets. Maurizio’s work SCOOBAFISH is a smart balance of irresistible, with a message of immediate global concern.
With your conscious purchase, you’ll be helping Maurizio
clean up his neighborhood, and beyond!



AGB: Hi Maurizio, in reading about your project of gathering your materials from the beach and the local streets, I'm curious to know where in Italy you are from? And do you find your trash locally or do you travel for you it?

MS: Hi Mara, I'm in Milan, in the north of Italy, in a big city, where trash is well organized, but as you travel a little bit outside of Milan you will find that the pollution in our environment is heavy. I usually go from the east coast to the west coast because of the different sea currents, and its where I find the most amount of garbage.

AGB: How long ago did you start your artwork and sculptures?

MS: I started ten years ago, just for fun. Art was always part of my life because my mother is an artist, so I was just following in her footstep.

AGB: Your mum is obviously a significant influence, what kind of artist is she?

MS: She is a painter, utterly different from my style, but she is an inspiration and very supportive of me becoming an artist.

AGB: Your pieces are very detailed, and you create sweet characters out of trash. They are magnetic in their appeal. Do you think your customers are concerned environmentalists, or are they buying your sculptures for their beauty?

MS: I feel that most of the time, they buy them for their beauty, and fewer people look at the philosophy behind the creations.

AGB: What kind of impact do you think your work has? Do you see people changing their habits after they are introduced to your message, or is it more about exposure and reminding people, over and over again?

MS: I really don't know which answer would it be more appropriated, but I think that people who throw away useful objects carelessly will not change much. Unfortunately, it's challenging to change peoples unconscious attitude, but I'll keep trying anyway...

Maurizio is showing his collection all through Europe, and hopefully will visit our neighborhood soon.