Amy Greeson could be described as a female Indiana Jones.
Her adventures span far and wide around the globe looking for hidden treasures. Except that her treasures are not archaeological in nature but are nature itself.


Greeson is the founder of Healing Seekers, a non-profit organization and educational platform that brings remote areas of the world into the classroom via captivating videography of expeditions. The videos work together with school curricula, providing an in-depth look into such subjects as biology, geography, and social studies. The footage is a window into the traditions of far-away cultures- shining a light on the interconnectedness between people and the natural world. Amy writes, “The organization brings greater awareness to indigenous cultures and every life form encouraging the preservation of the environment and its people with a particular interest in health and healing.” Healing Seekers envisions each unique educational experience to have many dimensions and a wealth of essential information with a hands-on, beyond the classroom approach. “The results of these explorations are fascinating stories of life and amazing discoveries into how medical treatments and therapies arise from the most surprising places.”

Greeson is also CEO of Natural Discoveries, a company that works directly with indigenous people to collect and research natural compounds with healing properties. She travels with her team to countries such as Madagascar, Costa Rica, and Belize to study plant-based medicine. Born into a family of pharmacists, Greeson discovered a love for travel during her studies, and became drawn to the healing powers of nature while conducting research alongside these indigenous tribes. The radiant hues and intoxicating flora of remote, pristine areas around the world proved to be far more potent than the lab-created commercial treatments that she had known.

This passion for purity led Greeson on yet another adventure to create Seek Beauty, a revolutionary skin care line with results that mirror the radiance of plant-life through topical application of extracts that are found in each formula. The fruits and plants from ancient orchards found in the Amazon Rainforest are where Greeson harvests the ingredients for her Seek Beauty products- all of which are completely free of contaminants such as pesticides. The ingredients are dried and crushed into powders before they are shipped back to the U.S. to be tested and formulated. The star ingredient of her skin care line is the Achachairu fruit. This orange Amazonian fruit is deliciously bittersweet and high in vitamin c and b vitamins, all of which are key for cell rejuvenation. In fact the amount of Vitamin C found in the Achachairu fruit is 23mg with blueberries having 14.4mg. The Amazonian fruit is also high in alpha carotene, containing 24mg and beta carotene with 153mg.

The Achachairu fruit looks like a hybrid of a mango and an orange and grows on small dense trees. It contains many age-defying antioxidants and skin recharging vitamins. For the people who live among these orchards, Achachairu is a staple in their diet, they are known to eat up to ten fruits a day. They also mix it with other plants and fruits to use directly on the skin to diminish fine lines and dark spots.

Greeson sees nature as an oasis of precious resources and knowledge. Why work with chemicals when the earth’s plants and minerals synthesize with the body most efficiently? Her results-based skin care collection is rooted in the classic idea that life supports life; what is nourishing is in itself alive and vital.