countering the sentiment that 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,’ Jenny Isabel, owner of BadLotion, defends that at times, some of its parts are greater than the whole.


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BadLotion was developed for people who opt to avoid face and body products that promote function above the use of healthy ingredients. The company’s products are also for users who want to augment their natural skin care products with carrier oils, to better suit their needs.

The owner of BadLotion, Jenny Isabel, brings together the best versions of a host of organic and wild harvested oils, you already love, and package them in a collection of elegant, vintage, recycled bottles to create BadLotion OIL SETTING™ oil sets. The sets provide consumers the good parts of body and face lotions, plus eco and easy to dispense bottles.

Curious about the obviously satirical brand name, we asked Isabel to explain its origin. She tells about the frustration of discovering that more often than not unnatural ingredients are used to make most of the high-end beauty products. BadLotion is a protest to that kind of formulating. The company was developed to offer a return to the old unformulated way of tending to skin, and the company operates as a good old-fashioned full service business. Not only is BadLotion a nod to the methods our mothers and grandmothers used to incorporate pantry oils into their skin care regimes, it also draws on nostalgia, the staging of women’s dressing tables with beautiful oil and perfume bottles on display.

To start, BadLotion features carrier oils sourced from companies that are admired collectively for their socio and environmental ethics and ongoing betterment activities; their support of and practice of organic farming; sustainable processing; and their practice of permaculture. Isabel curates the oil selection with seasonal offerings and with an adventurous spirit at its core.

If you are an alchemist at heart, then you will love the BadLotion Oil Menu. The menu arranges the oils by CLASSES, FUNCTIONS, and then PRESENCE - offering customers a deeper understanding of each oils purpose and effectiveness. Presently BadLotion carries ten oils: Pracaxi, Moringa, Green Coffee, Evening Primrose, Tamanu, Hemp, Jojoba, Maracuja, Apricot, and Amaranth Grain. Each oil provides nourishment and moisture, adequate turn and support, and the protection and repair for most skin needs.

For example, Pracaxi oil, pronounced Pru-ku-shee, is included in the CLASS of Permeables (permeating moisture and anti-oxidants). The oil is able to draw all of its active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin. Pracaxi is also prized for having quick healing and surface regenerative properties. The oil used in saturating PRESENCE on the skin is an excellent treatment of hyper-pigmentation, disorders of the skin, and skin recently damaged or traumatized.


Green Coffee oil is included in the CLASS of Renewers. This oil has a skin barrier profile. It contains barrier-regenerating fatty acids, high effective levels of antioxidants, skin matching pH balance, and enzymes known to help breakdown fat and smooth areas of swollen skin. Green Coffee oil is sourced from a certified organic farm and still has its authentic chemical and aromatic compositions, as a result of processing without heat. Though the oil can be used alone (in moderation), it also pairs very well with other oils.

Isabel offers the choice of a combination of selected oils to suit your skins needs and also individual oils to offer you time-of-use configurability. Packaged in elegant 100% recycled-glass bottles, the oil sets will be an accessory to your intimate beauty regimen. The vintage inspired bottles, of various sizes, are outfitted with premium cork closures, chosen to provide the best seal ensuring product integrity. Alternatively, to help support a sustainable system, if you have your own glass collectables, the oils are available in disposable pouches.

To help find the right oil set for you, Isabel is available for direct email consultation. 

Exclusive to AGB readers: BadLotion is gifting your first purchase with a ¼ oz sample of an oil of your choosing, email Jenny at


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