When mothers unite for a cause, everyone needs to watch out! Their maternal instincts to protect their child is like no other power on earth, and for this Mothers Day, I'm happy to introduce three dynamic women who decided to harness the natural healing powers of plants and botanicals to soothe their loved ones, as their mothers had done for them.

Bonded by Motherhood, partners Anna Schafer, Sarah Wright Olsen, and Sara Beyene Geittmann have the same deep desire to see their babies grow up as healthy as conceivably possible, and part of that plan involved creating a product line that fed and nurtured not only the soft bottoms of their infants but for all the other derrière in the family.

We chatted with the three about their journey and what matters to them.

AGB: Let's go back to the beginning; what was the tipping point for all of you in deciding to create a holistic skin care brand?

Bāeo: We were all three going through our journeys into motherhood and looking for products that we could use. We felt there were a lot of skin-care lines out there that claimed to be clean and "natural" and were even very expensive, but when reading ingredients it was clear they still had lots of unnecessary additives and chemicals.

A friend who had gone through cancer treatments had talked about how she only used oils on her skin and how everything had to be organic and clean. I remember thinking we should all be using pure, non-toxic organic products free from cancer-causing chemicals.

We wanted to create a line that smelled amazing, works great no matter your age, that would be plant-based eco-friendly and organic. This took years to accomplish as it is much cheaper to make products with synthetic chemically derived additives.

AGB: I have been using your products on myself, seeing my only son is a furry canine, and completely fell in love with the performance and the easy portability. Did you design the products to be used by the whole family or was that a happy accident?

Bāeo: That makes us so happy, no it was not an accident. During the R&D phase of creating Bāeo and developing our products, our families and friends tried each product. It was essential for us to make a balm like "bare butter" that mom, dad, grandma, kids, babies, women, and men - that anyone could use. Because of this you are cutting down on the number of products you are traveling with and reducing waste and making your "footprint" smaller.

AGB: Do you have new products in the works.

Bāeo: We have a few products in the works we hope to launch later in the year.