Author Jessy Humann
Edited by Mara Schiavetti


There are few better ways to incorporate healing rituals into a daily routine than by mindfully using and applying holistic products with intention. Founder Tori Marinelli has created Être Bien, a unique line of High Vibe balancing products to positively affect the mind,
body, and soul.


The vibrational and healing powers of Crystals have been documented over millenniums, and with this understanding, founder Tori Marinelli has merged their potential with pure botanical oils to create unique vibrational frequencies in her products. The benefits of incorporating crystals into self-care can range from stress reduction to fostering abundance and self-love.

Être Bien simplifies these individual properties into the overarching intentions of enlightenment, creativity, abundance, and protection. This makes it easier for people to choose a product that’s right for them. Products are either charged with the energy of whole crystals, crystal chips, or rollerballs made from amethyst or rose quartz.

Essential oils, salts, and herbs parallel the healing qualities of the crystals and accentuate the benefits of Être Bien products. The use of high-quality ingredients like Palo Santo and Bergamot Essential Oils are important, but so is the time spent in self-care routines. Rituals and routines are reported to help create a calmer, more peaceful way of life, and can assist in mental health issues. That’s why Tori Marinelli generously gives a portion of all profits to a non-profit organization, Mindful Schools, which is focused on introducing mindfulness into schools nationwide.


AGB: Why is combining mindfulness into self-care routines so important?

TM: I believe that self-care is an essential part of life. We all partake in self-care to some extent. And yet, so often I find that people rush through their routines, paying little attention to how powerful it can be to truly make time to care for yourself. By integrating mindfulness into self-care, you can actually transform a monotonous routine into a more sacred and meaningful experience. This allows you to be present and aware of the sensory elements within your everyday rituals, giving you time to slow down, breathe deeply, and enjoy the moment.

AGB: When and how did your love affair with crystals begin?

TM: When crystals started gaining popularity a few years ago, I really wanted to learn more about them. I'd always been very open to things in the holistic and spiritual world, but with Crystals, I couldn't see a natural point of access.

At the time, metaphysical stores were the only places to buy crystals, and they often gave very little information on the properties of individual crystals. This made it challenging to understand which ones would benefit me. Once I brought a crystal home, I had no idea what to do with it. I thought, "Should I just place it on a shelf as something pretty to look at?" Instead, I decided to dive deep into learning about crystals: how their healing energy could be made more accessible, and how to incorporate them into daily routines. Eventually, this is how Être Bien was born!

AGB: From your experience, is there one crystal you think everyone should have as part of their self-care routine?

TM; Rose quartz is truly the centerpiece of our line for a reason. As the stone of love and gentleness, it's universally beneficial, as I think we can all use a little more love in our lives. This applies to all types of love: romantic love, familial love, self-love, etc. It also supports the release of stress and the process of releasing anger and resentment. I find myself reaching for rose quartz any time I've had a rough day and need an extra boost of compassion, both for myself and for others.
AGB: Should people be wary or careful when introducing crystals into their lifestyle for the first time?

TM: Not at all! Crystals can't have hurt you, whatsoever. With that being said, I suppose it's important to remember that a Crystal alone can't solve all your problems. I think they're amazing healing tools when used in synergy with a variety of other forms of self-care practices, such as meditation. But they aren't a cure-all.

AGB: Could you offer some mantras that would pair well with the use of your products?

TM: Each product has a specific intention, all of which can be turned into a beautiful mantra to be said as you apply the formula. For example, our Amethyst Body Elixir and Amethyst Aromatherapy Essence have the mantra, "I feel mindful and enlightened." Our Rose Quartz Body Elixir, Rose Quartz Aromatherapy Essence, and Rose Quartz Bath Potion have the mantra, "I feel loved and compassionate." Our Black Tourmaline Smudge Spray has the mantra, "I feel grounded and protected."