This season Faerie Organic's farm to face, toxin free palette of mineral make up is sublimely sultry and sensual. Designed both for professionals and everyday wear their emphasis is ultimately on health and wellbeing. We interview Erin Mincks, the founder and artist behind the perfectly bended pigments that reflect nature so brilliantly and ask her about her journey... 



AGB: Hi Erin, please tell us how you got started, and what led you to create an organic makeup and skincare line?

EM: My background as an artist, my love for mixing pigments and for creating in general was part of my desire to start dabbling in formulating cosmetics. I also have a deep love for all things natural and holistic pertaining to health.
My sister joined me early on, she makes sure that everything runs smoothly, and we both shared concerns over carcinogens in cosmetics and skincare.
Our parents being struck with cancer was a real wake up call, that became the driving force into scrutinizing every single ingredient that goes on our skin as well as being used in our daily lives.
I started by growing my own herbs and creating my own vital oils infused with plants and adding them into emulsions. It was gratifying to be able to fine tune all the ingredients to certain skin types and skin needs.

'A clean diet along with clean living is the remedy to illness and disease'.

Additionally my sister and I were both struggling with acne issues, so we created customized, targeted skincare and makeup for our needs. We also incorporated a clean and organic diet that has helped us maintain clear skin for years.

I became very passionate about the close relationship between what we eat and what we put on our skin, that led me to the Matthew Kenney Culinary school in Santa Monica, CA, where I finished two certifications as a raw, vegan chef. I believe the best investment in health and longevity is by through organic, whole foods, conscious living and clean, non toxic beauty products.

AGB: Are you making all the formulations yourself or do you have a team?

EM: I do all the formulating myself, and I have a team that contributes to the choice of finalized products.

AGB: What are some of the aspects of your working environment that you love?

EM: I love being in touch with nature. We have a farm in Asheville, NC, we grow a lot of our own medicinal herbs/plants, such as lavender, echinacea, and mullein. We also have an amazing bounty of medicinal plants growing wildly on the property that we responsibly wildcraft, including goldenrod, honeysuckle, sumac, ginseng, and goldenseal. We also have a herd of goats on the farm, many that were rescued from terrible conditions, that we nursed back to health through holistic, natural means. The goats add a daily dose of hilariousness to our lives! Just being in nature, hiking our mountains, visiting the local waterfalls and being with family and friends is what I love most about my life. 

AGB: And finally who are some of the people that you admire and and respect?

EM: One at the top of my list is Juliette De Bairacli Levy. She was an English herbalist that lived with the Gypsies in Spain, Israel and Greece. She was considered a nomad, was a master herbalist and wrote many fantastic books on natural health and healing, and living close to nature and animals. I own several of her books. The gypsies that she lived and traveled with handed many of herbal formulas and practices down to her. I have used many of her formulas in our home and on our farm. Another favorite of mine is H. E. Kirschner MD. He was a brilliant doctor who was ahead of his time. A huge proponent of raw foods and juices, he wrote several great books that at first glance seem outdated but contain incredibly valuable information. The books I have by H.E. Kirschner are very old and falling apart but they are my most cherished out of my book collection, including “Natures Seven Doctors", which goes over the essentials for health (fresh air, good food, pure water, the mind, rest, exercise and sunshine); "Live Food Juices", "Vim, Vigor and Vitality" and "Are You What You Eat?”. He outlines the how and why of organic gardening, the importance of living close to nature, and the role of plants as food and medicine for health and healing. Juliette and H.E. are my top most admired people, sadly both passed away but the information they have passed down remains invaluable. 

The pure mineral formulas are free of: bismuth oxychloride, parabens, preservatives, petrol ingredients, nano or micro particles, GMO's, gluten, FD&C colorants, talc and unwanted fillers. Our formula is gentle and non allergenic for all skin types including those with acne and rosacea.