If skin products could be as delicious as freshly baked pastries on a Sunday morning, Taylor Foster of HEAVEN is the pastry chef/fashion model/yoga and meditation teacher that has created the recipe.


HEAVEN’S new all-natural line of skin products features plant-based face and body oil, eye balm and body scrub made from all-natural ingredients, thoughtfully chosen oils, and natural herbs that support and heal ailing and healthy skin.

For Taylor Foster, creating a heavenly experience is second nature. As a model for the likes of Chanel, Lacrois, and Gautier, Foster realized her dreams as a pastry chef by launching HEAVEN. Originally a brick and mortar bakery and café in Bovinda, NY serving organic vegetarian recipes, today HEAVEN resides as a brand and blog catering products at the intersection of dessert, health and beauty, informed by healthy ingredients.

Take for instance Foster’s recipe for molasses-sweetened chocolate cake, her signature chocolate kale granola bar or Sesame Bliss Balls. The same attention, balance and magic (in addition to organic ethos) is found across all of these recipes and in her homemade beauty products.  The Sugar and Salt body scrub was her first beauty product – appropo.  Hand-blended, it combines the most fundamental ingredients of any chef’s kitchen, only for your skin. Foster’s oils and crèmes likewise stick to the basics: plant-based ingredients without additives, chemicals or mystery ingredients. Give her oils a try, you could find that Fosters combination of plant-based oils like Kukuni nut Oil, Argon Oil, and Baobob Oil, with herb-based oils like Peru Balsam and Peru Sage and more, are the perfect recipe. Or perhaps it’s a body scrub at the end of a long day? As a talented model, chef and health conscious mom, who better to perfect organic skin care or know the importance of great skin regiments? In a word -  Heaven.