Water is the original
health and beauty treatment 




 The wellness world consistently touts the benefits of proper hydration – glowing skin, increased energy, less stress – and rightfully so. Water is essential to life, so of course it is a fundamental component of beauty and wellness.

But what if water could also contribute to the beauty we can’t see? The internal beauty that is caring for others, living life consciously and honestly, and not taking the environment for granted. JUST® water strives to be this type of beauty product. By choosing JUST water, you are casting a vote for a better type of business.



JUST® delivers products that are better for everyone, starting with JUST water, 100% spring water sourced from Glens Falls in Upstate New York, where water is abundant.

On the outside, JUST water is environmentally sustainable. The JUST water bottle is made up of 82% renewable resources by using FSC®-certified paper and plant-based plastic that is derived from sugarcane, resulting in an up to 74% decrease in carbon emissions.

And there’s another story inside the bottle – the water itself. JUST’s agreement with Glens Falls allows access to less than 3% of the city’s excess water while paying 6x the current water rate to help upgrade aging water infrastructure and protect the local watershed. This new model of seeking water is no longer a contest for how to get the water without anybody noticing, but instead, a mission to deliver maximum value to the community.

So yes, keep drinking water for the hydration benefits. And drink JUST water for something better – and more beautiful – for everyone.