Kjaer Weis make up is a delightful marriage of old world elegance, sustainable design, and organic plant based ingredients. It’s so exquisite, it's guaranteed to make your girlie heart flutter. The company’s founder, Danish-born Kristen Kjaer, is a New York based make up artist with a passion for sustainability that shines through in every aspect of her product line.


On the outside, the socially responsible collection is divinely packaged in metal cases resembling jewelry pieces. When opened, the compact reveals a portable mirror and luscious, all natural powders and creams. The make up pans themselves are refillable— the refills come in stylishly designed paper cardboard and are 100% recyclable. Kaier Weis uses only pure ingredients— raw plant based minerals and waxes, wildcrafted plant and seed oils, fruit extracts and essential oils. Because of the rich and natural ingredients, the make up has a soft satin feel to it. When applied it just becomes one with your skin, gliding and glistening into the surface.

All her products have perfectly portioned hues and colors. The lip and cheek creams are radiant and glowing stains of color, while the eye shadows are more intense, painting the lids beautifully. Natural, delicate, and indulgent, this make up nourishes and enhances your most important features perfectly.