This elegant, ethical, Vegan make up brush collection is one of the more extensive collection available
in the US. 


The SEVENTY-SIX handcrafted brushes are designed to accommodate a make up artist’s every wish, and with basics for the amateur enthusiast. The brush heads are made of exceptionally soft, synthetic fiber, and are available in wavy or straight fibers, depending on the desired effect. The handles are crafted from sustainable Beech wood, with delicately engineered details such as beveled ends to allow for easier product application.

Originally an artist and sculptor, Dany Sanz, founder of Make Up Forever, created her global company out of a passion for make up artistry. In 1995, the Make Up Forever line was launched in the US, and in 1999, the flagship store opened in NYC. The brand is known for the wide range of vibrant color palettes, and full range of cosmetic tools. The brush line was created for make up artists in any field, whether it’s film, tv, stage or fashion.