Marble & Milkweed’s handmade skincare products are poetically elegant and delicately charming. From the carefully orchestrated organic formulas, to the simplicity and grace of their recyclable packaging and many wildcrafted ingredients, this brand embodies the best of a luxuriously uncomplicated skin and beauty regimen.


The owner, Briar Winters, is an herbalist and chef and she maintains an intimately beautiful blog. From reading, it’s clear that Winter’s is gifted with an exceptional finesse for aromas and recipes. Her range of expertise includes not only skin care but, exquisitely crafted infusions and fragrances. Jasmine and cacao tea, Coconut and Cardamom lip balm, and perfume serums with Tuberose and Ambrette, are just a few of the many exotic and sensual formulations concocted by Winter’s in her modest NY apartment.

Marble and Milkweed’s full range of skin care products are designed to simplify and enhance the way one cares for their skin. The Rose and Chamomile cleansing grains are an amazing example—beautifully gentle and effective, this uncomplicated powder of flowers and herbs is a 'must have' scrub. The product may be simple but, the experience of using Winter’s creations is preeminently rich. The aroma and sensation of her sweet and fragrant mixtures can transport you to the days of old, when women handpicked wild plants and concocted pure and powerful beauty elixirs. Like our creative and naturally glamorous forbearers, Winter’s is an artisan and she has created a truly masterful range of products that are well-crafted, deliciously modern and and consistently delightful and sensual.