Changing the mental state
to heal your skin.

Using the powerful healing benefits of
organic plant oils MOSS repairs skin cells
while altering your state of mind.


MOSS was created by Celestyna Brozek, who had suffered from chronic acne from an early age. It wasn't until her late twenties that she discovered holistic and natural remedies for acne, which included altering her diet, lifestyle and mindset. A natural skin care regimen proved very effective also, but as acne treatments go they were disappointingly utilitarian and inelegant. It didn't take long for her passion to assert itself into a meaningful and fulfilling métier.

Brozek has created a powerful and elegant, nourishing beauty regimen that focus's on acne prone skin, but that works on all types of skin. All MOSS formulations are 100% original and proprietary, crafted from scratch, tested only on willing humans, and created with zero filler ingredients or ingredients that have not been empirically proven to heal acne and its various forms and symptoms. MOSS also crafts original, artisan aromatherapy blends for mood boosting and energy support. 

Managing stress and negativity is a huge part of healing from any type of health disorder, acne included, and aromatherapy is a powerful resource for soothing the soul, strengthening and purifying the energies of the body, and facilitating peace and power of soul.

All MOSS products smell exotic and delicious, after the team at AGB sampled the products we fell madly in love. Starting with the bewitching scent from the Shanti Aromatherapy treatment filling the room with lavender, palo santo, ylang ylang, frankincense, nutmeg, fir needle, bergamot and vetiver. Its calming effect bathed us all in pleasure and contentment. This is a company that stands apart in their unique approach to holistic skin treatments.