Originally from Rome one of the founders of Bottega Organica Dr, Andrea Alimonti became the recipient of the 2015 Josef Steiner Research Award, which is second only to the Nobel Prize for medical research. While researching senescence, the aging of human cells, Dr. Alimonti developed a screening method to detect the effect of plants on aging and skin senescence. After screening thousands of natural substances, he was able to identify a handful of Natural Inhibitors of Senescence (NIS) natural plant extracts with the potential of slowing the aging of human cells. The most active NIS identified so far is one of the over 900 species of sage: salvia haenkei a constant ingredient in all products.


Bottega Organica’s main ingredients are grown on a 50 acre organic farm, there you will find olive trees, organic prawn sage and other wild and organic herbs. The farm is owned by Paolo Manfredi one of three founding members. Manfredi is also a prominent physician and clinical scientist who has worked for renowned academic institutions in the USA such as Harvard University and the University of Texas. The farm has been in his family for over 500 years and is situated in Liguria, a northwestern region of Italy. Liguria borders France and curves around the Mediterranean coastline, which is the Italian Riviera. This rich, organic, fertile farm land (that has never known the toxic effects of synthetic pesticides or herbicides) and years of in depth scientific research culminated into a skincare line that is both healing and superbly nourishing.

As if that Italian setting wasn't perfect enough the company crossed the great divide and acquired an organic farm in the pristine hills of Spencertown in Columbia County, New York. Similarly the New York farm is naturally rich in vital anti-aging plants, such as St. John's wort, yarrow, wild carrot, birch, nettle and willow. Mary Ahern joined the company as the third founding partner, and became the head of operations for the apothecary and farm activities in the US.

Ahern comes from a family of prominent scientists who pioneered organic farming and values in the 1960s. After completing her agricultural studies in California she dedicated herself to the formulating products for birth and postpartum care for midwives, using only wildcrafted and organic ingredients. Ahern not only harvests the plants but also naturally extracts the molecules that form the basis for the formulation of all Bottega Organica products. Her meeting with Dr. Alimonti ignited a revolutionary collaboration where science and nature truly and perfectly complement each other.

This farm to bottle line is encased in Miron Violet glass to preserve the longevity of the ingredients. The exterior packaging is recyclable and made of fruit peel paper and vegetable ink. The vital plant oils are extracted using 100% natural methods, by infusion in organic extra virgin olive oil, extraction in 100% vegetable organic glycerin, and through steam extraction. All of which are free of any preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, colors or synthetics of any kind !!