POWER OF SEEDS was written after author Susan Parker realized she needed to put all that she had learnt, from years of working with oils, into one place.

Whether you’re a budding skincare brand, chef or a DIY enthusiast this book covers a wide range of topics to feast on. From the functions of different oils found around the world and their best uses, to their chemical make up, to recipes. Parker explains in her easy to read chapters that learning the finer details of seeds and oils, and their function and attributes, will help you make the right choices for better health and longevity.

Reading her book will introduce you to some lingering questions, like what is the function of ‘dry oils’, to the meaning of ‘essential’, to ‘fixed’ oils. The guide covers topical oils you should never ingest, and others that work from the inside out. Are you confused with Unsaturated, Saturated and Monounsaturated fatty acids? Parker has answers if you’re interested, if not, then skip to the skin-deep section of beauty and skincare. There are lists of exotic butters and waxes and healing massage oil formulations and much more.

This is an authentic guide to wellness through the process of getting to know your oils, seeds and fats in our everyday life. Parker may reveal some unexpected facts that can help you get the most nutrition for your ever evolving holistic lifestyle.


Susan Parker with her daughter Olivia Parker are founders of SOLUM&HERBE. Susan Parker and Olivia Parker have come full circle. What began twenty years ago, as a mother trying to protect her young daughter from the beguiling siren song of the beauty industry has grown from kitchen counter experiments in natural cosmetics to a full product line and a well-stocked studio where we continue blending, experimenting and devising beautiful and natural products.