Whether you're in NYC or the Outback the ingredients make this little tube a vital part of any survival kit.


The creators of Suvana are not the easiest company to get a hold of, but their product is worth the pursuit. Based in Melbourne, its Australia's first ECOCERT Certified Organic Lip Balm.

This family put out the organic equivalent of the infamous Paw Paw lip balm in the red tube that the fashion industry went ga ga over a few years ago.

Suvana had to drop their previous Surfer typeface and renew their graphic design to be successfully noticed in the US and abroad as the new contender. Some of Paw Paw active ingredients are Vitamin C, E and A. its healing properties help reduce inflammation and has high levels of antioxidants. Suvana brilliantly added honey to their formula; natures own antibacterial and moisturizing agent, plus Cocoa butter, to turn it into a true healing balm. So much so that it can be used on cuts and burns to reduce infection and scarring.