Vivienne Westwood, OG punk provocateur, just released a rap song about the environment. Because, why the hell not?

A “featured rapper” on “Be There x Intellectuals Unite,” a track from Mic Righteous’s upcoming album, Dreamland, the grande dame of British fashion recites a self-penned incantation about her pet topic: climate change.

“Everybody’s talking but only our map gives the complete picture,” she intones as drums beat and ivories tinkle. A woman warbles plaintively in the background. “The ice is melting. Fracking releases tonnes of methane. Water is more precious than oil. Plastic kills the albatross.” It’s your classic diss track, one aimed not at a single individual but the world at large. “Intellectuals tell the truth,” Westwood continues. “You, give us the picture. You know the past, the present and the future. Speak with one voice. Culture not consumption.”

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