Its easy 
delicious & nutritious. 


It’s the most alive way to make a cool refreshing drink. Be careful now don't miss a step ;) Put a tea bag in a glass of room temperature water. Let it steep for about five minutes. Done yay! How crazy simple.

Try it with Mate , Mint, Tangerine, Green tea, take your pick. Also its very economical ; leave the tea bag in the cup, so you can top up your cup as the brew gets stronger. It’s how the Brazilians have been doing it for years. 

So instead of one cup of hot boiling tea you can get at least two or more cups per day from one tea bag. One cup of tea has lasted me all day. I just keep adding water or an ice cube to dilute the brew. It’s also the most nutritional way to retain the medicinal properties of the tea. Hot, boiling water over 118F will kill a lot of the beneficial properties that the herbs contain. The Japanese have always brewed their tea with hot but not boiling water to retain all the leafs antioxidant goodness. It’s the easiest, healthiest and most delicious way to enjoy a cool Summer time cuppa.