Improve the immune system,
Stimulate the sensors,
Activate brain function...





One drink a day can improve your life in ways you could not imagine. Most people dream of a slower lifestyle: that is less stressful, more relaxing, pain free but also more productive.

Whether you start you day with a cup of fair trade coffee or a glass of lemon and water, there is the breakfast dilemma. What does one eat to sustain a busy morning of email replies, phone call lists and tending to the family?

One sure fire way to get your engine running at a sustainable and consistent speed through to lunch time is a super plant food charged smoothie. The vitamins, antioxidants and nutrition in one organic plant smoothie per day will relax your nervous system AND energize your body and mind for clear thinking and a happy heart. 

Suggested smoothie ingredients:

Seasonal fruits and vegetables: 

Wild Spinach, Dandelion leaves, Strawberries, Lemon with a touch of rind, Apples, Mango's, Pineapple, Mint, Parsley, Oranges, Kiwi fruit, Melon, Watermelon, Bananas, Blueberries, Beets, Ginger.

Proteins: Coconut meat, Avocado, Almond butter, Cashew butter. 

Healthy Fats: Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil, Flax seed oil.

Liquids: Almond milk, Soy milk, Hemp milk, Filtered water.

Superfoods: Maca powder, Spirulina, E3Live, Goji berries, Bee pollen, Pine pollen, Chlorophyll, Cacao powder, Hemp seeds.