Story By Sarah McColl

Zoodles, watch your back. Cauliflower rice has roared into supermarkets and the bottom of Buddha bowls, and now other vegetables are ready to get a piece of the action. Before you pay a premium for prepackaged supermarket varieties, read on to find out what vegetables make the best rice and how to DIY.

Broccoli, Beets, Butternut squash, Carrots, Parsnips, Purple potatoes, Rutabaga, Salsify, Sunchokes, Sweet potatoes, Turnips.

“Most people will say that you need a food processor,” says Ken Immer President & Chief Culinary Officer of Culinary Health Solutions. “While that is one way to do it, your good ol’ box grater works really great, too—and is a lot easier to clean up without all those parts.”

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