Berry Coconut


Spring is finally here. I can feel it in the sun's rays, the warmer air that's not biting my skin, and I see it in the buds of green, purple and yellow breaking though the earth's crusted dirt. 

What I'm most excited about is getting back to eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. With not having the need to warm my body as much with cooked foods, I can enjoy the kaleidoscope of nature's vibrant flavors and colors..

Carla Oates is THE BEAUTY CHEF, an Aussie that is sending a strong message on the way we beautify from the inside out. Known as ‘The Beauty Chef’, Carla is a naturalist who is passionate about the profound synergy we share with nature. Based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Carla has been researching, writing and teaching about organic beauty and health for the last fifteen years. She believes that organic skincare and food is the most sustainable choice for the health of both the individual and the environment. What is a Beauty Chef you may ask? Carla is a formulator of organic plants, fruits and herbs picked from her garden to her kitchen, and transformed into nutrition and delicious foods that enhance our physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

There's no doubt that we are all capable of finding our own 'inner beauty chef', but finding guidance may hinder our progress, so I was thrilled to meet someone who can help us all find our way to glowing skin, balancing our hormones and nourishing the nervous system.

With Carla's product line, she has taken her search for holistic wellbeing to the next level, merging science with traditional techniques and producing superfood formula's that go beyond what we can manage in your humble kitchens. Carla Oats and her line of Beauty Foods are renowned in Australia, and now have landed on American soil. 

Carla explains the basis to her inner beauty food formula's:

'The first step to healthy, radiant skin is balancing digestive health. Good skincare follows. My organic skincare range blends selected food ingredients with a natural fermentation process to bring out the very best in all of our ingredients and keep the skin’s ecosystem strong and healthy. I have embraced the time-honored art of fermentation for the clever way that it naturally bioactivates nutrients in ingredients to make them more available for the body and skin to use. By increasing the biological value of already nutrient rich organic ingredients, we offer you supernatural skincare to help keep your skin healthy, radiant and resilient inside and out. We employ a unique and natural fermentation process, backed by twenty years of research to make powerful and active extracts for our bioactive skincare that is truly good for you.'


Chia Berry Coconut Pudding: The first of a series of recipes from The Beauty Chef.

Serves 2


1 cup coconut cream or coconut milk
1 cup frozen mixed berries
¼ cup chia seeds
2 tbsp maple syrup
2 tsp GLOW inner beauty powder

Optional : serve with coconut cream, roasted flaked coconut and lightly toasted slivered almonds to serve on top.


In a blender, blend berries, coconut cream/milk, maple syrup and Glow Powder till smooth.

Combine berry coconut mix with chia seeds and stir well. Spoon mixture into two glasses, cover and chill in the refrigerator for four hours or until the chia seeds have absorbed the liquid.

Before serving, stir once and spoon into serving dishes . Sprinkle with shredded coconut and serve immediately.