‘happiness is when
what you say
and what you do
are in harmony’


For those who try to avoid unnecessary packaging often found in store bought goods, you know how difficult it can be. And, just when you were ready to conclude that retailers would never take your needs seriously, there's good news. Sustainable package free shops are sprouting up across the globe like blossoming wildflowers. The PACKAGE FREE SHOP, located on Grand Street in Brooklyn, provides nourishment for the body and soul with their pure plant botanical products, and a package ‘less’ system.


Founders Lauren Singer and Daniel Silverstein


Not So Fun Facts:

It was estimated that in 2008 each person
in the U.S. created 4.5 pounds
of household solid waste each day.
Containers and packaging made up
31% of that waste. 

Here are some bonafide fun facts on the benefits of embracing a low waste lifestyle? This lifestyle choice can reduce recyclable waste, promote health while being cost effective, and be spiritually transformative. Simply put - less packaging means less waste which in turn saves energy. Not having to invest in packaging means that more money can be spent on product design and formulation. Pure plant botanicals last longer than generic brands because you don’t need to use as much of the nourishing products and while your initial investment may be higher, a little bit goes a long way. Additionally, holistic and organic formulas may be more beneficial for physical and mental health than products containing synthetic chemicals and hormone disruptors such as parabens and sulfates. On a spiritual level, the thoughts and actions behind a holistic endeavor such as: helping and being of service, supporting Mother Earth, and looking after one’s personal needs, can provide an uplifting and positive experience. Doing something for yourself and others is rewarding, but the experience can be even more rewarding when it also reduces waste, promotes health, and saves resources. 


Now, more than ever, people need to take on the responsibility that the government does not i.e. people need to take initiative and lead the way forward to reduce gashouse emissions and the carbon footprint. Be aware, it’s not just plastics that are harming humans, marine life, and our food system. There are also a slew of other materials that encase foods and home products such as ribbon, tape, glue, etc. The chemicals from these products can seep into landfills, soil, and waterways, turning them into dead zones. To stop this, we need a convenient way to avoid excess packaging.

PACKAGE FREE SHOP is located in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The shop offers customers a way to transition to a low waste lifestyle. Partners Lauren Singer and Daniel Silverstein are pioneers in this field of zero waste. Lauren Singer is an environmental studies student at NYC and the creator of Trash Is For Tossers, an inspirational blog. She wants to get the message out - if you try hard enough it is possible to reduce a years worth of waste to fit into a small mason jar. Daniel Silverstein began his career as a Ready To Wear zero waste fashion designer. Currently, in addition to his involvement in the PACKAGE FREE SHOP, he designs funky zero waste street wear ZWD, located at 369 Hooper Street, also in Brooklyn.