Born of that perpetual
and an insatiable



Anaak derives its name from the Filipino dialect Tagalog’s word for “child”. A term of endearment bestowed upon designer Marissa Maximo by her mother, it is also perfectly evocative of the feeling her new line exudes—just like a child, joyfully open, unabashedly carefree and with a permanent sense of wide-eyed wonder.

Born of that perpetual wonderment and an insatiable wanderlust, Anaak is a collection of artfully relaxed feminine pieces made with getaways in mind. The inherent ease and approachability of beach dressing cast through a modern, streamlined lens. Maximo, a longtime fashion veteran and constant traveler, references the rich cultural traditions and indigenous craftsmanship of cherished destinations from Bhutan to India, Indonesia to Mexico, collaborating directly with a variety of local artisans to create her lovingly handmade collection. Purposefully designed clothes with far-flung origins and inspiration, and everywhere appeal.

When I met Marissa Maximo.

On a rainy Spring New York day I met up with Marissa Maximo the founder of Annak. We sat in a quiet nook in a lobby of a hotel that could have very well been in the middle of London. It was small, quaint and comforting. The decor was heavy with dark brown wood, small round wooden tables and the slight chattering of discerning travelers. An hour later I left feeling like I'd made a friend, that doesn't always happen, but Marissa is a compassionate soul that is making choices to live a meaningful life, sometimes with an uncomfortable caution. I shared that feeling, of uncharted territories, but also knowing that 'we are where we are supposed to be'. I could hear in our conversation the pride she feels working with women in distant countries, supporting their welfare while they help her produce fine quality textiles for her collections. Marissa excitedly shared with me her new fabrics with hand stitched embroidery, her beautifully designed look book, and talked of traveling alone to exotic locations, that are at times unfavorable for a woman. Marissa's ANAAK derives its essence in her artful approach to her collection. Most of the time she chooses a location that she feels her clothes and its wearer would be in their element, and there is where her seasons palette and designs are imagined. 

Marissa Maximo

Marissa Maximo


“Even the sea feels lonely at times.”

'Sometimes she is quiet and sometimes she roars. A constellation of possibilities, she can beckon longingly with her sparkling, undulating surface, or cast herself in grey and speak in foreboding waves. Her ebb and flow, ruled by the moon, a neverending story. The sea is a woman, wild and free. And for the eternal roamer there is no backdrop more fitting.

It is to the sea that Anaak looks for its premiere collection. Clothes with a natural ease and innate sensuality designed with faraway beaches in mind and lovingly hand-crafted by artisans in India. These are clothes without borders, the embodiment of lifestyle pieces, designed to be at home on the city streets or sun-drenched beaches, and ready for any getaway.

Anaak is for the seeker in all of us. We are because we wander. The open road, the ceaseless mountain peaks, the unbridled sea—this is where we find our truth. This is our bohemian rhapsody'.


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