London-based accessory designer
immortalize materials that are
destined for land-fills.



Re-distributing up to 50% of profits to projects & charities.

From utilitarian bags to candy-colored cufflinks, the brand embraces a love for used materials by designing new shapes and forms for them to reincarnate into. Elvis & Kresse takes the art of repurposing to a poetic level: using materials, such as fire-hoses, the designer personifies the fiber’s life-saving past by giving it a second chance.

The beauty of a material is in it’s ability to mirror the cadence of life and death; our bodies aren’t the only thing that are subject to wear and tear- so are those blue jeans that slowly become more delicate and are sadly referred to as vintage. As Buddhists observe, the natural world is in a state of constant transformation and regrowth; trees have an innate capacity to bloom and the decomposition of leaves on the forest floor become the ground for new roots to explore.

The designer rescued over 200 tons of materials deemed as waste and transformed it into objects of supreme utility with an ecologically-conscious brilliance. Statement furniture pieces feature materials from scaffolding boards and poles, with light hues infused into it made from coffee bean sack fibers, offering the illusion of wood. Innovative manufacturing techniques are the symptom of a refined taste for luxury items with an eco-chic mission: creating successful pieces that inspire us to think about the transformative nature of materials is at the heart of the brand.