author Mara Schiavetti

Luxury Vegan belts & buckles. 


These accessory designers are resolute in their belief that aesthetics must go hand in hand with ethics.

I was so instantly smitten when I first set eyes on Michelle Leon belts. The bronze, silver and pewter animal buckles are fabulously bold and incredibly adorable, while the vegan suede belt straps act as a simple and elegant backdrop. More impressively the luxurious belt material is made of 100% up-cycled plastic bottles, and the buckles are also vegan. Ok now you may be scratching your head wanting to know the meaning of that statement! The partners that co-founded Michelle Leon are commitment to a vegan brand, so much so, that they refuse to use bore bristle -an animal product- to polish the metal buckles. Its this thoughtfulness that makes them a pioneer in vegan accessories.

Michelle Leon and her partner Motti are both Brooklynites, originally from Israel. After a decade of both working for major brands designing, developing, and producing elegant accessory lines they decided to use their skills to create a 100% ethical fashion company. Their dream was to create high end, quality handbags and belts that can be placed in specialty stores right next to brands such as Veneta Bottega and Hermes.

Michelle Leon is a brand to reckon with when it comes to their ethics, the dynamic duo's passion and dedication to an animal free, and non-toxic working environment are found in the details. Firstly they create and produce designs entirely in Brooklyn and Manhattan, closely overseeing the production process to ensure a healthy environment. For instance they never plate their buckles, because they believe that the plating process is toxic and harmful to ones health. They also pay seven times more for materials that not only compare to other luxury brands, but surpass them in keeping with their ethos:
Their luxurious vegan materials are durable, luxurious, ecological and sustainable. Michelle Leon's accessory collection include vegan handbags and jewelry.