While taking a stroll through
Venice Beach, California, a New Yorker’s favorite get away destinations, be sure to drop by the new Industry of All Nations flagship store on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. The store features a unique mix of biodegradable terry cloth loafers, raw organic denim, and beautiful fringed blankets made from ethically
sourced wool.


“Our name represents everything, the world as a place to work together,” notes Juan Diego Gerscovich. “We hold the deep belief that we as humans all share this one planet and we need to protect it and protect each other. To achieve real sustainability, we must help ensure that business practices are economically viable as well environmentally and socially sound.”

Founded in 2010 by brothers Fernando, Patricio, and Juan Diego Gerscovich, with headquarters in Los Angeles, these Argentinian visionaries share a dream of building a sustainable fashion enterprise on a global scale. Collaborating with the world’s most talented weavers, textile manufactures, and artists, the company’s business model aims to protect the planet and it’s people by creating and sustaining environmentally and socially sound practices that celebrate cultural diversity and craftsmanship.

Juan Diego and Fernando are both talented architects who designed the clean, open space without clutter yet filled with gorgeous organic cotton basics, vibrantly printed swimwear, and un-dyed virgin alpaca knitwear. As with most ‘artisan made’, sustainable concepts there is a story behind every product, and also an artfully filmed video that the IOAN team have a passion for producing. Such is the case with an Argentinian artisan shoemaker who hand stitches footwear to perfection. Or follow the process of Batik natural dying in Tamil Nadu, India, where their Clean Clothes Project ensures no toxic chemicals come in contact with your skin, or that of the workers. The amount of time and detail that goes into every piece is truly artisanal, and creates a business model of transparency, that is emblematic of the sustainable culture which is quite rapidly transforming the world of fashion.