Jak & Jil are looking to reward both emerging and accomplished fashion designers for their innovative and sustainable ideas. With a global panel of ethical influencers and sustainable business professionals as jurors, the company is offering winners a cash prize of $3000 USD - with a donation of equal amount to a NGO partner.


Jak & Jil’s incredible rise to success as an online fashion mall is due to how they met their customers demands. Their motto ‘passion drives our success’ is evident with presence in 10 countries around the globe: Brazil, Colombia, USA, Germany, England, Sweden, Poland, France, Italy and India.

If your label embraces: handmade pieces, local manufacturing, Fair Trade, smart design, zero fabric waste, animal welfare, or use of recycled, upcycled or organic materials, enter and expose your brand to a global market place and win a well-deserved investment in your brand!

Registration is due by October 3rd, 2018.

The international panel of judges includes:

Sass Brown, founding Dean, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation. United Kingdom.

Jennifer Nini, Editor in Chief at EcoWarrior Princess & Digital Strategist at The Social Copywriter. Australia.

Fernanda Simon, Coordinator, Fashion Revolution BR ; co-idealizer, Brazil Eco Fashion Week. Brazil.

Florian Guillaume, sustainable and social innovation leader. Co-founder of EU Tomorrow. France.

Jen Brownlie, former fast fashion addict turned slow & responsible fashion advocate. United Kingdom.

Jeffrey Hogue, Chief Sustainability Officer & Circular Economy Leader. Belgium.

Marta Karwacka, sustainability CSR expert and copywriter at How to Wear Fair? Poland.

Carmela Scarpi, publisher & fashion producer at Even More Comunicações. Brazil.

Antonia Böhlke, founder and creative director at Mochni.com. Germany.

Helô Gomes, journalist and founder of Coletivo Lírico. Brazil.

Silvia Kabaivanova, editor in chief of Be Global Fashion Network. Bulgaria.


Green America, SOS Amazonia, Greenpeace, PZR, Ekonsument, No Name, Asta, Idesam