'My Gram taught me to knit when I was little but I didn't pick it up again until I worked on a movie with Julia Roberts. She always had a big bag with her knitting and the whole cast of women got super into it. It was a movie set in the 1950’s with a huge cast of women and you would just see everyone knitting. It was really cool and I got very into it after that'. Krysten Ritter.


Who knew that Krysten Ritter star of Netflix's Original show Jessica Jones has a soft and fuzzy side. Her character in Jessica Jones is a self-deprecating private investigator who gets involved with some very dodgy customers. The show has a sharp edge - one that comes with the territory, as her character witnesses some very depraved circumstances. The PI also has awesome super human powers, like incredible strength. We like her a lot, even if she does drink hard liquor for breakfast every morning and seems to only look prettier for it. The great news is that the actor behind the super hero, Krysten Ritter, is very fond of natural fabrics and animals, so much so that she’s teamed up with We Are Knitters to design her own favorite wooly styles. 


We Are Knitters is a sustainable knitting company that bundles up all you need to make a fabulous handmade sweater or pooch poncho into easy to navigate kits. WAK uses sustainable yarns and ergonomically designed Beechwood needles, along with recycled and reusable packaging. They have any eco warrior covered. Luxurious Peruvian yarns are but one choice for knitting materials, WAK also offers recycled T Shirt and cotton threads for home décor designs. With WAK’s multitude of instructional video's it's pretty much guaranteed you'll become a knitter no time. The knitting kits make a great gift for friend or family. 


On why she knits Ritter says, 'Knitting is part of my self care routine and striking a balance - especially when I'm on a hectic shooting schedule. Knitting also helps me stay creative and in the moment.  When I was writing my novel Bonfire, if I got stuck I would just relax and knit for a while or it would be my treat at the end of a long writing day.' 

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