Olsen Haus shoes
are everything you love
about fashion footwear
and oh-so much more.



The shoes are impeccably adorable, heart-twitteringly racy, and persistently fresh. Slip your feet into one of these chic shoes and not only will you be beautifying your outfit— you’ll be helping to harmonize our world.

Olsen Haus shoes are strictly vegan. All of the company’s products are 100% animal and cruelty-free. Olsen Haus does not just devote their resources and ethics towards creating just, responsible, and compassionate footwear— they’ve dedicated their hearts. The company, which was founded by Elizabeth Olsen (a talented designer, outspoken animal-rights activist and vegetarian of 20 years), supports a myriad of nonprofits including the PETA, Greenpeace, and various farm sanctuaries. “We believe,” they proclaim, “in a higher level of consciousness with peace and light for all beings.” Beautiful shoes, pure intentions, and that ever-elusive peace of mind.