'In the current ready-to-wear fashion industry garments have become disposables. 
Where do we find garments that still have quality, last for decades and have an emotional value to the owner? I photographed three older women who told me the stories of the garments in their wardrobes; 25 to 50 year old dresses and suits,
still beautiful and ‘ready-to-wear’.

From photographer Mare Veen


JOKE DONKERS “I made this outfit myself about 40 years ago and wore it to a business event of my husband. It made me stand out a bit and I felt beautiful in it. It makes me smile realizing I actually wore this outfit; it’s hard to believe!”


ANKA FAUTH “I wore this dress to a student’s gala. I had it made for this event and felt special in it. When I was young I wore clothing that made me look 15years older, a bit fussy I guess. I do feel some nostalgia looking at this dress. Not that I would want to be 20 years old again, but because I realize time goes by so fast.”


MARIJKE VAN DE PAVERT “I collect clothing from different periods in my life as a way of remembering and holding on to those times. I make art of small bits of fabric and actually cut out a square of this dress to include it into a piece of art. We have to celebrate each day of this short life. That is why I love to dress up every day to add color to life and make it a little lighter.”


Photographer: Mare Veen @mareveen
Styling: Daisy Smit @daisysneomie
Make up: Salma Suleiman @visagiebysalma
Model: Femke Veen @Anti-Models BV

Story submission by Mare Veen