From stone carving to hand weaving, Strauss understands textures. Two years ago this ex stone artist made a decisive move away from toxic rock dust to the meditative art of hand loom weaving. Being a Hudson local Strauss captures the colors and textures that surround him, weaving scarves that can be worn in any season, in various weights, lengths and thread count.  


If you've ever strolled up and down Warren street in Hudson, Up State New York you will be familia with the chic cafe's and galleries on the main drag. This Summer there was an extra highlight. 

When I first ran into Rob it was because his two dogs and mine collided, ending up with leashes tangled in a circle of butt sniffing. Then we all walked into Moto, a popular cafe for a lot of locals and their pets. Moto has a cool 60's Brando, leather jacket vibe, with its collection of vintage Moto's standing poised throughout the space. Their coffee is strong and addictive, and their food is organically delicious and freshly made. 

Our next notable encounter, yet again at Moto, was when Rob asked me to pose wearing one of his scarves. Rob is in his fifties and his demeanor is quiet, respectful and warm, so of course I said yes. I came to learn that he was using the photo on his Instagram account to promote and advertise his scarves, and his models were everyday people that he found interesting. His concept was adorable, so I offered to help him further by producing a video and set him up with a new website. 

This past Summer Rob would set up a table and chair outside of Moto Cafe to sell his scarves, I doubt that the owner of Moto would have done it for anyone else, and I'm sure you'll see him again in the Spring.