'This collection is a reaction to a hugely wasteful culture of disposable coffee products. Hundreds of thousands of paper cups and sleeves are used every day - only ever for about two minutes - before being thrown away. They are rarely ever recycled', says designer Ray Brown.


Brown takes generic pieces of disposable cardboard, and uses them to create distinctive pieces of ceramic tableware. Tactile, handmade, and rich with individual character - they are the antithesis of the mundane, expendable sleeves they are made from.

Formed from disposable cardboard molds. The molds are filled with clay, and then burnt away in the kiln. Since the molds are disposable, they create dense, overlapping textures, whilst leaving the ceramics inside intact. The stoneware cups bear the rough gesture of the cardboard, as if they are made of petrified paper.

Brown is one of four recent graduates of The Cass (part of the London Met University) who have developed a series of Kickstarter campaigns beginning October 31st which they will be launching under a collective enterprise, entitled Cass Starters.

Ray Brown, Tim Summers, Nicholas Marschner and Isabel Farchy are the product designers involved in this group campaign. The theory behind this group effort is that Individually they all have limited brand name power. But collectively, they all have plenty of ambition, skill, and creative energy. Most significantly, they share a strong social network - a solid culture of support and collaboration, which they have cultivated during their time studying together. 

Many design graduates launch crowd funding campaigns to advance their fledgling careers. But rarely do they unite as a proverbial crowd. Follow their campaign and root for these four Brits taking chances, and possibly pathing the way for a new style of 'crowd'-funding. 

Since this article Ray partnered up with a manufacture to create a fully formed and functional product, yay!!
Now available at Ray G Brown store.