“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Claire Boothe Luce

Hinged on balance, curves and fine
lines Jake Coans artistic luminous spheres create a zen and sensual ambience in any setting. 



Using Bamboo and brass wire this young entrepreneur has created a series of lamps whether they’re hanging from the ceiling or mounted on a wall that resemble dreamy clouds of light that move and sway, if you want them too, shining soft patterned rays of light that are seductively romantic. 

Jake Coan Design studio is located in Bushwick New York a far cry from the woodsy landscape of Ghent NY two and a half hours from Manhattan. Coan grew up on a farm in Ghent, up state New York, with his mum Lauren Mundy a potter and an architect dad Peter Coan of Red Roof Design in New York City. After getting his BA in Studio Arts at Bard College Coan set out to develop a product that combined fine art and function. He expresses his constant internal struggle to achieve these sometimes opposing ideals. “ I have a plutonic ideal that I’m constantly striving for. I want the lamps to radiate without the need for illumination, meaning that they should be art pieces first and then lamps. When I start working on a piece I don’t have a plan in mind, its an organic process, I just know when a lamp is completed is when the need for illumination is peripheral.”

The Brooklyn urban environment has lured many innovative young artists and entrepreneurs since the early 80’s when rents in Manhattan became out of reach for most. Artist’s studios and community based projects for young and old alike have sprouted up throughout the wider Brooklyn area, one such company is The Brooklyn Robot Foundry where Coan is the lead designer. The Brooklyn Robot Foundry is a community based educational center for kids to learn the art of robot making. Small scale of course, but the environment is a buzz with animation, expression and possibilities, “The best part about teaching there is having the opportunity to demystify technology for kids, and empowering them to create their own objects.” says Coan.


Coan has surrounded himself with robotic technology and fine art, I can’t wait to see his brand evolve. I can only image the genius that will transpire from these two worlds colliding. Contact Jake Coan through his website for orders or a chat.