'Her sway and her grace
is keeping
the Earth in its
own place'  

Women have taken center stage in 2018.
Propelled by politics, social upheaval and the focus of the #MeToo movement, women across the world are again united in the pursuit of
equality and respect. 

Photographer SHANNON GREER  


Women have endured less-than-equal status to men across many areas of life, for many years. Powerful female voices such as Susan B Anthony, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem and Maya Angelou have led the charge and inspired us to demand equality, while Malala YousafzaiTarana Burke or Chimamanda Ngnazi Adchie have became our current feminist leaders and role models. These women encourage their peers to see themselves not only as equals but also as leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, carrying a uniquely suited set of intuitive skills for these times.

The spiritual leader of Tibet His Holiness The Dali Lama has said that the Age of Aquarius is upon us and feminine energy is the ‘New Age’. Also speaking of the Aquarian Age, Yogi Bhajan said, “You believe woman is the chick and I believe she is the eagle. Her sway and her grace is keeping the Earth in its own place.” Women’s activism, like women’s bodies, take many forms; we are a colorful tapestry of energies, strong and delicate. Let's not forget the delicate and playful side of the feminine psyche; a quiet woman wants to be heard as much as a woman who protests loudly. It may be too early yet, in the newness and justifiable anger of this current revolution, to celebrate our softness, humor and lightness - but it should never to be neglected. The feminine capacity for gentleness and compassion, even in the face of predatory oppression, is part of our great well of strength and power.

In this series we celebrate the realness of the female spirit with a Q&A with independent women of varied ages, lifestyles and passions.




PROFESSION Painter/Artist
AGE 26
OTHER JOB Cafe barista
Pauly Shore movies, Limaritas, cigarettes. Especially all three at once.
Art, Love, Rock n' Roll. The constant border-line paranoid avoidance of everything else.
Spiderman but only as played by Andrew Garfield.

FAVORITE CAUSE OR PERSON Well Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole..
INTENTIONS FOR 2018 I want my own stable, controlled environment to work.
I'm betting that with space and focus I will develop a more systematic way of painting, which would really change my work. I also have to learn how to cook and drive.
Ariel Norris is wearing: Shirt by Woolrich Scarf by Marquet available at kaights NYC



Age The body is on the precipice of 71; the consciousness is timeless.
Nationality Born in the United States; ancestry is German and Scottish.
Profession Teach and practice Morphic Awakening, a transformative consciousness technique.
Other job Working with cats: producing the Healing Power of Purrs CD and collaborating in the creation of their books, Shiva and the Song of the Heart and The Rigpa Papers.
Little pleasures Coffee, birds, sky, silence, laughter, frankincense & fleece.

Passion Uncovering new ways in which we can energetically heal ourselves and others
In love with Family, cats, friends and being love itself.
Favorite cause Supporting humanity to awaken to love and its infinite potential
Favorite person Ramana  Maharshi. 

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I'm 'ifty, and I've been "yould" for quite some time (young and old at the same time)
German American
Profession I am restauranteur, a purposeful painter and a happy innkeeper. 
Other Job That's about it, although I am working on a time machine but that's top secret...oh no it's out!
Little Pleasures When nobody needs me that feels great! My guilty pleasure is doing nothing at all. 

Passionate About I love being effective and having fun doing it. If I can be good, then I want to be great. If I have to be an asshole - I better be a badass asshole. I did get addicted to wanting to always beat the odds and defying sanity. I'm over that now though (I think)
In Love With My man, my little business that was never meant to survive and I thought I wouldn't either, and then it turned into a paradise filled with joy and humanity. I'm in love with painting because it makes me vulnerable like nothing else. I love my life for all my voluntary and involuntary lessons.
Favorite Cause or Person: My favorite cause is the civil rights movement, to me it's the most noble movement I know. It always reinstates faith in humanity for me. My favorite person is my sweetheart, why? If I told you I'd have to kill you. 

CHARLOTTA JANSSEN wears her own painters shirt.
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AGE 44
NATIONALITY Iranian, American.
OTHER JOB Screamer in euro trash punk subterranean girl band.
LITTLE PLEASURES Car seat warmers, Little House On The Prairie reruns, other-worldly ambience, hot bread, terms of endearments, kettle chips, gnawing on chubby infants, extreme heat, lipstick, mezcal. 

PASSIONATE ABOUT My family, lipstick, paint, what paint can do, serving people, love, fairness, bows and arrows.
IN LOVE WITH Pomegranates
FAVORITE CAUSE OF PERSON My mom and dad. They are all about love.

Laleh is wearing her own design – lalehkhorramian.com laloonstudio.com




Age 42
Nationality I'm from the United States.
Profession I raise funds for the National Young Farmers Coalition.
Other Job Planning my wedding.
Little Pleasures Yoga on my back porch, cashew butter, pond swimming, and outdoor showers.
Passionate About Simplifying. Getting to the root of the matter.

In Love With Getting my hands dirty. Feeding people good food.
Favorite Cause or Person Fannie Lou Hamer
Michelle wears vintage top. Skincare supplied by  Root Science





Age 25
Nationality Jewish / Scottish a.k.a. White.
Dysfunctional artist, animator, and performer. Perpetually attempting not to fall apart.
OTHER JOB Booking manager & bartender at Spotty Dog Books & Ale. Also in school full-time for Computer Science & Digital Design.

LITTLE PLEASURE Diffusing the stage and getting an audience to participate and perform is one of my favorite things to do. Opening up a space for people to get weird.
PASSIONATE ABOUT Ecology, human rights, alternatives to free-market capitalism, open-source technologies...
IN LOVE WITH Performing, dancing, crying, my cat Sasha, difficult exchanges, and letting go for a moment.
Rebecca Becker is wearing Vintage Xuly Bët. Jewelry by Natalie Nicholson