Martyn Thompson Studio - Scarf

Martyn Thompson Studio - Scarf




The painterly qualities of Martyn Thompson studio’s Dropcloth Jacquard are translated on linen, capturing the rich palette and inky beauty of the image. The generous sizing of the Indian made scarf makes it a versatile accessory that can be worn as a scarf, sarong, or shawl.


100% Linen
Made In India

40 x 80 inches / 101.5 x 203 cm

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Martyn Thompson began his career designing and making clothes, before he found a passion in photographing them. He pursued his work as a fashion photographer while living in Paris, prior to moving to London, where his scope broadened into the world of interiors and still life photography. Over the past 30 years Thompson has collaborated with several well known designers - most notably a long relationship with Ilse Crawford, who he shares a similar philosophy of ‘improving the reality of life’ through design and conscious awareness for wellbeing. Thompson has worked with leading global brands, such as Hermés and Ralph Lauren to create their visual messaging while also authoring two books: Interiors and Working Space: An insight into the Creative Heart.

Thompson founded Martyn Thompson Studio: a multidisciplinary design studio with numerous creative platforms. The studio, which is based in NYC, Thompsons home for many years, evolved to include textile and wallpaper design, homewares and limited edition art. The Martyn Thompson Studio has an aesthetic that is anchored in honoring the’ touch of hand’ that stems from Thompson’s love of craft and is defined by a tactile and painterly language that is a visual push and pull between nostalgia and the present.