Vic Gar

Vic Gar



This balsa wood short board is very strong, yet light weight, making it great to travel with. Each board is unique in as much as every tree pattern is unique. Each individual board contains signed markings by Victor with signature and board dimensions.

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Ecuador is renowned for its beaches, food and endless sunshine, it is also home to master surfboard shaper Victor Garcia. Victor is well known throughout the surf community as an artisan that hand carves Balsa wood, turning trees into traditional surfboards. These boards are so admired that many of Victor’s customers buy the boards to hang on their wall. Victor and his crew chuckle at that notion but they love the respect that people have for his craft.

Victor lives near the Ecuadorian surfing mecca Montañita, it is a mix of forest and long stretches of beach, and where the Balsa tree grows, the very fabric of Victor’s boards. Balsa trees reseed naturally and grow in just 8 years. Important ecosystems are maintained, no plantations, just family owned forest plots.

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