Treading lightly, politely and responsibly on the planet while eating exotic, local foods and learning a new language, sounds pretty great, don’t you agree? Well Norwegian based travel company Ethical Travel Portal is doing just that, unique in its quest to keep your travel experiences raw, respectful and memorable. They pride themselves in getting to know the terrain, culture and the people of each destination with intimacy and detail. This ensures that the traveler’s experience is a safe one, and that they come away with a deeper understanding of their destination and it’s population. If you have any skepticism about the professionalism of the founders and guides, rest east -- they are members of The Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund.


The destinations include exotic escapes to places such the Himalayas’, Nepal, India, Romania, Thailand and Gambia. Each day is planned out to include some personal time for exploration or relaxing. ETP also offers an ‘design your own trip option’, where you work with them to determine your wants and wishes for your perfect vacation. Ethical travel is a growing industry in which giving back is part of the experience, and your money is helping the communities, whether in the form of disaster relief, small business support or otherwise. ETP also adheres to a ‘Code Of Conduct’ when visiting villages and small communities. Check out their website before you plan your next trip, especially their responsible travel tips page.