Gatherwild Ranch is a
heavenly Getaway
on 75 acres of lush
rolling hills
in the Hudson Valley.


Located on 75 acres, in the lush, rolling hills of the Hudson Valley,  Gatherwild, is a heavenly getaway for glampers. Founders and hosts, Laura Sink and Everett Kramer,  offer unique shelters with simple yet luxurious interiors, where you are encouraged to relax and unwind .

Guest quarters are yurt style tents - decorated minimally and yet they cozy and exotic. They are a luxurious way to enjoy nature, featuring king and queen size beds and an indoor washbasin. Bathrooms with composting toilets, and a solar shower provide the comforts of home, albeit they are both outdoors. There is also an indoor shower for days when the outdoor temperature isn't quite right for bathing alfresco.

You can sit by the fire pit on the private deck of each tent and watch the solar lights that come alive in the evenings, but not too brightly so as not to dim the dazzling starry skies. (There is no electricity.) Or, guests are free to roam all 75 acres. Plus, there are some 30 or so Icelandic sheep, several barns, a wood workshop, and a large garden and greenhouse. The outdoor kitchen can be used in rain or shine. Last, a necessity for a truly country experience – there are cruiser bikes you can ride and take in the scenery,  and there are also tubes you can use for swimming in the river. (The river is an 8 min drive/30 min bike).

Alternatively, you have the option of renting a very adorable caravan. The mini structure is approximately 20 square feet in area, and imagined only in fairytales.  Laura Sink talked about this diminutive abode  and other topics:

The artist, Paul Jacobsen, created the caravan at Majestic Farms, for an art show called One Acre Plot, in 2010.  The caravan was built in one week out of salvaged material found mainly on the farm in upstate New York. Later in 2013, Paul and I first met at another festival, called The Last Weekend, where the caravan was the centerpiece. (It was used as the local radio station and gathering area.) 

Fast forward a few years … We dated. Then we moved together from Brooklyn to Germantown. Now, we are expecting a babe in the spring! Of course, we had to rescue the caravan (undeniably named the Love Shack by everyone upon first meeting) and bring it to our property.  

Intuitively, I have always had the feeling that I would create a really colorful, healthy, and fun lifestyle business of my own in the country.  My education and professional background in product design gave me the elements of process, organization, and skilled building so that each time I developed a creative hobby into a business, I got closer and closer to success.  My desire to make a youthful, magical experience transpired into a permanent location that is truly my playground to share with others.  It's so delightful when guests tell me how meaningful it is to re-connect with nature.

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