Whether you’re working a corporate 9-5 in a fabric-covered, three-walled partition every weekday or you’re a driven entrepreneur relentlessly grinding 24/7, the reality is many of us don’t properly
re-energize our mind, body and spirit.  


The majority of us, and rightfully so, complain about needing more vacation time. We yearn for small opportunities to sit on our couch and calorie binge, Netflix binge or limitlessly party in Vegas or Cancun for the weekend. The reality is that in the midst of all of the noise, all of the deadlines and all of the mental, physically and emotional energy that’s exerted on a daily basis, we never really get to properly restore ourselves. Even the many conscious folks, who strive to eat a little more sustainably and work out on the regular, don’t quite seem to fully grasp the importance of quality healthy breaks.

HolistiCitiLyfe (HCL) located in New York City offers unique, luxury getaways, curated by a team of diversely qualified wellness practitioners. This transformative service-based company combines exotic travel with holistic health workshops and interpersonal consultations. Founded by licensed Social Worker and Holistic Life Coach, Leslie Carrington, with a goal to help others jumpstart their wellness journey, by taking a holistic approach to a typical vacation.

This luxury voyage offers breath taking inclusive amenities such as daily yoga and meditation, cooking class/ nutrition workshops, hiking excursions, bike riding and much more.

With affordable yoga retreats in Jamaica and raw beauty workshops in Costa Rica, this company’s luxury destination to Sri Lanka is what’s really on everyone’s radar. Although it’s a pretty penny, you can’t beat investing in the restoration of one’s personal balance. HolistiCitiLyfe’s partnership with Sri Lanka’s Santani Resort is quite a marvel. It’s the first modern eco wellness resort that is strategically built to organically de-stress in a remote atmosphere. Immersed in its sublime architecture (solar powered suits, LED lighting, green roofs, windows and doors, floors made from recycled wood), guests are surrounded by healing plants, fresh mountain air and stellar views, which presents a naturally chic elixir of tranquility.

Having a healthy trip and taking a vacation (or even a honeymoon getaway), does not have to be mutually exclusive. This luxury voyage offers breath taking inclusive amenities such as daily yoga and meditation, cooking class/ nutrition workshops, hiking excursions, bike riding and the use of all facilities (sauna, steam and salt bath).

Everything is fresh, local and the minimalistic approach reminds guests that we don’t always have to be surrounded by “stuff”. And part of their charm is that they minimize digital distractions.

On all trips, Carrington emphasizes the importance of a small and manageable lifestyle changes to ignite a healthier consciousness. “We hope our guests return feeling rejuvenated, connected, valued, and supported. We understand that our guests need support in order to integrate the tips, techniques and teachings experienced during their retreat”, says Leslie. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with binge watching and occasional party outings, but investment in efforts of holism will yield much more positive results. It’s simple- quality over quantity. Considering the choices that people have to make a difference in their happiness, level of productivity and health; it’s imperative to hone in on efforts of healing. There can really be something magical about traveling and stepping into serenity.

HolistiCitiLyfe is positioned to make a difference globally and locally. In the heart of the Brooklyn community, HCL curates various wellness events from stimulating natural beauty socials to purpose driven yoga workshops. Since the brands inception, it’s been about creating a village and sparking awareness for an improved lifestyle. Whether attending a local workshop or venturing to a destination retreat, incorporating healthy-minded activity can be one of the most fulfilling experiences.