I work with some of the worlds most beautiful models, whether its for AGB magazine or other companies that hire me as a hair and make up artist or groomer. One of my latest shoots was with photographer Jason Lasswell, stylist Helen Barbieri, make up artist Olaf Derlig and model Lana Zakocela

What I noticed about Lana was her lean yet muscular, athletic body type. Not normal for most fashion models, as they tend to be skinny and undefined. And then my curiosity peaked when I heard Lana mention her studies at  The Institute Of Integrative Nutrition, as I also studied there: an institute that captures the essence of true holistic health. I was so happy to hear that a model was going beyond doing the right things to keep her body and mind healthy and energized. So I began to probe....


AGB: Hey Lana, how was your move to NYC from your home in Latvia?

LZ: I moved to NYC a few years ago. It has been very challenging getting use to a very different culture, people and food, so different from back home in Latvia. It's taken till now to really settle in and call New York home. Now I can say I know how to deal with New Yorkers!

AGB: How does your diet differ from back home? 

LZ: The food here is a subject close to my heart. Before I got here I didn't understand why people are so crazy about eating organically. What is organic? In Latvia most of the food is truly organic- wild. I suppose this is the ultimate organic food!

It has taken me time to understand what and where I should eat to follow a truly healthy lifestyle.

AGB: Can you share with us a bit about your health routine?

LZ: When I wake up I drink a glass of water. After 30 minutes I make my own blended smoothy. There are so many delicious recipes, I love it!

I have my favorite little herbs which I use in the smoothies or food. I think my one secret talent is that I can always find time to prepare a meal from scratch!

Knowing what you put in your food is very important. I try to have 3 meals per day and I give about 4 hours for a meal to digest.

I also think it's very important to listen to your body. We are the smartest machines that never miss a heart beat or never forget to breathe. The way the whole body and reproductive system works is so complex that its such a wonder.

AGB: Tell us about your muscular frame. How do you achieve such an athletic body type? 

LZ: I love working out and I can't leave without pain in my muscles which you only get after a great work out.

AGB: What are your favorite treats?

LZ: Now let's talk about chocolate !! Haha that's my favorite treat ever!!! You have to make sure that you find raw very dark chocolate without processed sugar. Then this naughty indulgence isn't as bad for you as it can be.

AGB: What things keep you busy and inspired?

LZ: At the moment I am a full time model with Lions agency and studying at the Institute of integrative nutrition. Im also studying holistic medicine and I do age reversing studies.

My fiancée and I are run the The Etzin foundation helping children in palliative care as well as donating medical equipment to hospitals that are in need.

AGB: What's some advice you would like to share?

LZ: My best advice for everyone... Please find your local Orphanage and support them with anything you can! Even as little as bringing a basket of local fruits and vegetables! That will make them, and you smile!

Lana's smoothie recipes:

Kale, arugula
Herbs(Cilantro , oregano,parsley, mint)
Spices ( turmeric , cumin, cinnamon ,ginger, garlic..
I always add some chlorella
+ other supplements


'My favourite and most important choices!'

Pomegranate powder
Sea buckthorn powder
Lingonberry powder