Designed to bring balance and focus to your life, these essential oil blends help to heal, transform, break through, let go, dream big, take risks or slow down.


Keeping a positive outlook is ever so challenging at the moment, that's why when I came across BodyMantra I felt instant relief and gratitude. Kimberly Jonas developed a new line of exquisite essential oil blends that work on self empowerment and spiritual growth.

Founder and principle alchemist Kimberly Jonas began working with essential oils in 1996, when they were still relatively obscure. In 2003, Jonas opened a private practice in Boulder, Colorado, with a focus on holistic healing through energy work, spiritual counseling, essential oil therapy and a few years later she added another layer to her practice with intuitive healing. 

BodyMantra essential oil blends are handcrafted in small batches encapsulating the freshest organic, wildcrafted and non-GMO ingredients. 

AGB: I was reading your blog and I can completely relate to your childhood recollection of growing up dancing and singing and then losing that as we start to conform to the demands of the outer world. Thankfully you were able to recognize the cause of your unhappiness and are now able to help others with similar problems, through counseling and your line of essential oil blends. 

I found the blends to be so euphoric that I wanted to wear them as perfume, but also I became aware that my subconscious choice of which oil to wear depended on which feeling I wanted to project or harness. That may not be the technical use for them, so can you explain how deeply is the affect of the blends? Do they work by creating a mood, how do they actually assist transformation?

KJ: You are spot on about the intent for our blends. They are designed to support deep, personal transformation. In your words - what you want to project or harness. We all have desires. Deep longing that we carry in our hearts and bodies. We have to turn toward those desires with clear focus and intention in order for them to come to fruition. Our blends help to catalyze that process.

For the most part, you end up being in the driver’s seat with our products. You decide what you want to bring attention to in your life – abundance, setting better boundaries, getting more rest, finding your purpose, connecting more to your sensuality – and match that desire to one of our blends. (I imagine when you were following your subconscious choice, it was based in a “knowing” of what your heart and body already wanted. Exactly what we’re tapping into.) We then encourage our customers to take the time to craft a mantra - a short phrase - that is spoken daily while applying the oil. This helps to clarify the intention while forming a concentration of energy. Over time, the daily repetition builds new neural pathways in the body, directing the energy of brain (thoughts) and central nervous system (actions) toward that specific desire. In effect, you *are* harnessing energy. Guiding your brain and body to hear you, move with you, align with what you wish to call into your life.

I’m also a big believer that when we initiate something like this, we are also turning on the loud speakers to be heard by what I call "forces greater than us.” Those forces can be referred to in all sorts of ways - God, Goddess, The Universe, Spirit, Buddha, Allah, angels, guides - with the idea that we are creating a bit of a “force field” when we use the oils in this way. Calling on energies/beings that exist beyond the walls of our bodies to get on board and help steer the ship in the right direction.

That said, while you are the primary guide with our products, we design each blend with essential oils that specifically link to the blend’s intent, both medicinally and energetically. For example, in the case of our Heal Thyself blend, Frankincense brings proven medicinal benefits (taming free radicals, reducing tumors, healing deep wounds) while at the same time cultivating a potent connection to the spirit realms that can help facilitate both physical and emotional healing. And because humans have a strong sense of scent, you will also begin to associate the blend’s aroma with your intentions. In this case, your brain will soon start to connect the smell of Heal Thyself to healing thoughts and experiences before you even speak your mantra.

We carefully curate our formulas in this way so that the plant medicine is boosting your intentions.

All this said, I can’t skip over the fact that there is simply some magic involved with our products. Yes, tangible plant medicine is present. And, we believe that when human beings decide to start investing in their own wellbeing, fiercely tending the things that they wish to change in their lives … all sorts of wild and wonderful intangibles show up. So in effect, we’re providing you with a solid baseline tool - much like providing a chef with a well-crafted, sharp knife - and then you get to wield that tool, make it your own, ignite some magic.