In the Fall we left you dangling in Crack Sugar part 1.  Alerted to the dangers of sugar addiction, you were left wondering just how to escape its damaging grip. Well hold on to your hats, because we are about to help you lick the sugar habit for good. Heres’s how:


There is evidence to suggest that sugar cravings come from a lack of essential fatty acids, more commonly known as “good fats.” These “good fats come from food like avocados, fish oil, coconut oil and nuts. Supplemented into a whole foods diet you will notice that your system can find its balance easily; you’ll require less food while gaining more energy and your cravings will minimize because the body has received all its daily nutritional requirements. You may say, this is all well and good, but how do we maintain a balanced diet when our lives are usually over committed with work, family, and the every day grind? Sometimes our only reward is that bar of chocolate or a luscious cupcake with caramel icing!

True, I concur, but the only way to kick your sugar cravings is that inescapable C word, ‘Commitment’. You will find a plethora of books on the many ways to quit the crack sugar habit— they are very helpful, but it all comes down to one simple answer— commitment. When you are ready to commit to a few months of detoxing and its inevitable mood swings and will power issues, then you will be successful. The beginning is always hard, but as you move forward, and the brain reprograms to accept its different environment, a new you will be born. So lets get started.

Food will taste better, stress with leave your body and your mind will become crystal clear.

– Fruit is sugar in disguise. Its high in fructose and fructose turns into fat that, as tests have uncovered, is prone to deposit around the stomach, leaving you with a poofy pouch. Fructose is also a major contributor to heart disease and obesity, more so than glucose. So ease up on the fruity smoothies and juices. FYI: Agave, maple syrup, honey, fruit juice extract, molasses, corn syrup… they’re all fructose.

– Read labels on all your food packages to see how many grams of sugar you are consuming. Find alternative foods with less. Or even better, cut down on packaged foods and replace them with whole live foods.

– Calculate how many times a day you have food with added sugar in it ie: Morning cereal? tea or coffee with sweetener? Desert after lunch? Afternoon snack? And so on. Then, eliminate one or two sugar items per week. Continue this for four weeks and then extend your sugar fast to two or more months.

– Replace a sugar fix with coconut water, a cup of tea, or warm water. You’d be surprised how effective this is. Fresh coconut water contains a small amount of fructose but no fat.

– Up your supplements. Take more green superfood powders and blue green algae, it will calm your nervous system and balance your hormones.

Balance is key and the true answer to all evils; eating nutrient dense, organic sources of proteins, carbohydrates and trace minerals–found in greens and vegetables–is vitally important to restoring optimal health and well being throughout the body, mind, and nervous system. The more healthy fats and vitamins you take in, while crowding out all those added sugars, the less cravings you will have in general. I didn’t say it was going to be easy, but after a committed effort of three or more months you will feel a relaxation throughout the body and mind that you have never felt before. Food will taste better, stress with leave your body and your mind will become crystal clear. There are so many long term benefits of kicking the sugar habit that, after time, every ounce of all that hard work will become nothing but a distant memory.

There are many theories on what really works best to break the habit. Julia Ross has had amazing success with Amino Acid treatment. Sarah Wilson writes in her book about her own journey and has heartfelt information on achieving your goals. The main thing to remember is first and foremost, to be gentle with yourself, ease into it, and make it a mission you look forward to fulfilling.